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River Cruises

The adventure & romance of small waterways

River cruising is a whole different world than ocean cruising. Instead of sailing the wide-open ocean, you’ll glide along historical waterways into the heartland of your destination, relaxing in total comfort as an ever-changing backdrop of breathtaking scenery and architecture slips by.

The best part? River cruises are all-inclusive. This means all of your meals, beverages, gratuities and all shore excursions are typically covered. On the best cruises, you’ll also receive free perks such as onboard entertainment, special lectures and workshops, exercise classes and even the use of bicycles and walking sticks for land-side exploration. Europe’s Seine, Danube, Rhine and Volga Rivers are some of the most popular cruising waterways, but you can do a river cruise almost anywhere in the world, from the Chobe River in Botswana (learn more about Africa adventures here) to the Amazon in Peru and even the Yangtze in China.

But not all river cruises are created equal. This is where we come in: we know the cruise companies and their vessels inside and out, and can help you select the best one for your trip—helping to distinguish among the offerings and, most importantly, what is included and what isn’t.


  • A new perspective on your destination. When you cruise a country’s rivers and small waterways, you don’t just skirt around the main attractions: you delve deep into its landscape, culture and history, viewing it from a whole new vantage point.
  • A boutique hotel experience on the water. River cruise boats range from comfortable to luxurious (with butler service in some cases!). Onboard, you’ll find amenities comparable to a small, elegant hotel: beautifully appointed staterooms, fine-dining restaurants, spa services and more.
  • More territory covered. You’ll wake each morning to find yourself on the “doorstep” of a new town, city or port, ripe to be discovered. And you’ll cover more ground than you could using another mode of transportation.
  • Shore excursions that fascinate. When you alight in a new destination, the adventure is up to you. We can recommend specific excursions or even organize private tours with knowledgeable guides on the ground.