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Ocean Cruises

See the world from the open water

You may think it’s simple to book a cruise. You simply book a cabin and show up to the sailing, as packaged by the cruise company, right? But a cruise can—and should—be tailored to you just like any trip you take. We don’t just take orders. We book experiences.


  • Select the best cruise based on your preferences. Do you like nightlife? Overnights in ports for cultural immersion? Small ships? Great food? Speakers on board to enhance your knowledge? We can recommend an incredible cruise for you.
  • Select cabins in the best location-based on our in-depth knowledge of the ship. For instance: we know what lies below and above each deck that could create noise, like a pool lined with chairs that are constantly scraping, or a karaoke bar that goes until 2 a.m.
  • Book dining reservations so you can enjoy an intimate meal—or have a chance to meet new friends.
  • Assist with selecting shore excursions. We can recommend which tours to take based on our extensive travel experience. For example, perhaps you’d like a private tour to learn in-depth about a port city. We can make that happen.
  • Recommend and book pre-cruise and post-cruise experiences. There are often amazing sights to see in port cities. Who would want to pass through Sydney, Buenos Aires, or Barcelona (three of the world’s largest) without seeing a sight or two? We plan pre- and post-cruise stays, complete with accommodation, tours, and sightseeing and dining recommendations so that you get the most out of your entire trip, not just the cruise portion.
  • Arrange for transfers to and from the port. Why wait in line with hundreds of other cruisers for transportation to the airport or hotel when we can have you whisked away to your next destination?