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When to trade to Marriott Destinations Points

Sep 15, 2010 | Timeshare Talk | 0 comments

If you have enrolled in the Marriott Destinations Points program you may be asking yourself, “When does it make sense to turn my week into Destinations Points”? I don’t suggest you do it for all of your weeks, all of the time. You need to think first about what property you would like to trade to. If it is a Marriott Vacation Club property that is sold out then I believe you will find more inventory in Interval International than in Marriott. If it is a property that was not sold out at the time of the conversion to the points program, then all of the unsold weeks have been placed in the trust account and Marriott may have more inventory than Interval.

If you want to trade to the following properties during peak times, your best chance may be through the use of Destinations Points:

Crystal Shores on Marco Island
Oceania Palms on Singer Island
St. Kitts
Timber Lodge
Newport Coast

I have been told that Hawaii properties are widely available for daily usage.

In order for Marriott to obtain inventory at sold out properties, it will require an owner at that property to opt for Destinations Points. It will take some time before large numbers of owners at these properties do so.

Before you opt for Destinations Points, ask Marriott to check availability at your desired resorts. Only then you will know if it is the way to go.