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Pay for your cruise or tour with Marriott Destination Points

Aug 29, 2016 | Timeshare Talk | 0 comments

Ready to go on an exciting cruise in Australia? Or join a group tour to Italy? Marriott Vacation Club will tell you to convert your Destination Points into a cruise or Collette vacation of your dreams. But is it a good deal? No!

MVCI values your Destination Points at about 28 cents a point when applying them to a cruise or land tour. This valuation often doesn’t even cover your maintenance fees. But what if you want to take this type of vacation and would love to offset the costs with your ownership. What is your option?

We recommend purchasing the cruise or tour and turn your Destination Points into cash to pay for it. There are lots of owners looking for more points on as-needed basis to satisfy their vacation requests. We know this is true as we receive frequent inquiries. For our clients, who book a cruise or tour through us, we rent your points out at 52-55 cents per point–nearly double what Marriott would give you towards a vacation booked through them. You pay the same price as you would booking direct with the cruise company or land tour supplier but we help you pay for it by selling your points. What a great way to turn your ownership into CASH!

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