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Marriott’s Simplified Club Dues

Jun 26, 2010 | Timeshare Talk | 0 comments

The best benefit of the new points-based program is the new Simplified Dues. For one consolidated annual fee of $165 or $199, you pay MVCI once to cover all of your lock-off fees ($75), turn to Marriott Rewards Points fees ($109), change fees ($29), Interval International membership dues ($84) and Marriott-to-Marriott Exchange fees ($109) even through Interval International. You will still have to pay Interval exchange fees for non-Marriott properties starting at $159. (You will still need to pay the Marriott-to-Marriott exchange fee of $109 to trade those weeks on deposit with Interval prior to enrolling.)

Since there is an upfront cost of $595 or $695 to join the program (depending upon how many weeks you own), you have to determine your ROI (Return-On-Investment) when you take into consideration the savings in fees. For me, and the way I use my 2 ownership weeks, it will take me 5 years to break-even. You need to work out your own ROI.

For multiple week owners that turn some weeks into points and lock-off and trade some of their units, the ROI can be much quicker. If you would like help determining your ROI, please contact us.