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Marriott Trust Points Purchase

Jul 27, 2013 | Timeshare Talk | 0 comments

Now that most owners have enrolled in the Destinations Club program, Marriott is turning up the pressure for you to purchase “Trust points”. If all you have is access to points converted from your deeded weeks, they will tell you that you need to spend more money and purchase “Trust Points” in order to enjoy all of the benefits of the program. You may also be told that you need more points in order to rise to a Premier or Premier Plus level. Does this sound familiar to you?

From our experience in managing hundreds of owners weeks and points, I have been unable to substantiate most of the benefits the Sales Reps are extolling. Below are just a few examples:

“You will be able to use your club points to book 13 months in advance for stays of 7 or more days at an MVCI resort.”

Yes, BUT, at 13 months there is rarely any inventory. We have contacted MVCI hundreds of times to book 13 months out for our clients and we are told to call back at 12 months. If it is still not available at 12 months prior, then we have the option of going on a wait list with all owners, regardless of status. I wouldn’t pay extra for this benefit.

“You will be able to use your points to book in to Ritz Carlton Club properties.”

Yes, BUT, when are the Ritz’s available? We have tried many times to book our clients into a Ritz property, even during off-season times, and there is rarely any availability. I would say that this is not much of a benefit.

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