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Booking Airline tickets with Credit Card Rewards Points

The best way to maximize the value of your AMEX or Chase Sapphire points is to transfer your points to an airline partner and book virtually-free airline tickets.

The value of using your points can be over $10,000 if, for example, you were to transfer enough miles to get 2 Business Class airline tickets to Europe. You would need approximately 240,000-270,000 Rewards points but this converts to huge value!

The key to using Rewards Points is that the miles you transfer must be used for booking AWARD SEATS. As many of you may know, finding award seat availability for the dates you want and decent routing can be an enormous challenge, often resulting in failure. And with multiple airline partners, how would you possibly know which partner to choose?

AMEX and Chase staff are unable to assist you with this process. All they will do is transfer the miles you request to the airline you tell them. But you never want to transfer miles unless you know the award seats are available for you to book. And then the availability you see today could be gone by the time you transfer the miles, since most airlines will not hold the seats for you.

With airline mergers resulting in fewer award seats being made available, this process has become more time consuming and trickier than ever. But the financial upside is so great that it is worth trying. The good news is that we are specialists in booking award seats with all points programs and have a nearly 100% success rate so don’t despair, just contact us and start maximizing those points.