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Business Class is the Point – Flying in style

It had been 5 years since I had flown Business Class overseas and I had forgotten how wonderful it really is. From the time you step into the airport, your vacation begins hassle-free. When we arrived in San Francisco to check in for our Air France flight to Paris, the line up for coach class was over 100 people deep. There was 1 group in front of us for Business Class check-in. After we quickly got our boarding passes, we were handed our pass to the Business Class lounge–far from the madding crowd. This peaceful area, with drinks and snacks, was a nice respite from the busy airport. Sixty minutes before flight time, we were informed we could board at our leisure. The line-ups again at the gate snaked throughout the boarding area but all we had to do was head to the special, Business Class entry and walk onto the plane.

Business Class is the Point - Flying in style 1

I had checked out the seating plans when I booked our flights and found that there were two sections on the airplane for Business Class seating. One cabin only had 17 seats so I booked our seats early into this smaller area of the plane. There were 2 seats on either side of the plane, plenty of space between rows and aisles and it was VERY quiet. Service was first class with 3 attendants offering unlimited drinks and a regular flow of very good cuisine. The part I enjoyed the most was the seats. In one configuration they recline to a “Lazy Boy” type of seating—perfect for relaxing, reading or watching your private video monitor. It was sooo comfortable. After dinner, I hit another button and the seat lay nearly flat into a bed. Comfortable enough to stretch out and sleep as long as you are not too tall. I slept long enough that it did not feel like 2am Phoenix time when we arrived and we were able to enjoy a little bit of Paris for the remainder of the day.

The cost for Business class seats on Air France from San Francisco is $6,100/ticket. Instead, we used 100,000 Delta miles per ticket obtained by trading in Marriott Rewards points for miles and free hotel stays. This is a great way to maximize the value of your points. And that is the point!

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