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Spain At Last – The Drive Begins…

To start our journey in Spain, we flew to Barcelona, rented a car and began the long 1,100 km, drive to Marbella. Due to the distance we chose to spend a night in Denia at a Marriott Resort and Spa.

Driving in Spain is relatively painless as the roads are well maintained and the drivers are courteous. Sixty miles from Barcelona we decided to stop for lunch in a town called Tarragona. This ancient Roman town is located on the Mediterranean Sea and has a wide promenade, Rambla Nova, running through the middle of the old town, at the end of which is a balcony overlooking the sea. This was our first view of the sea and we were excited.

As we walked around the balcony, we discovered below us the remains of a Roman amphitheater. It was very well preserved and reminded us of a smaller version of the Coliseum in Rome. It amazes me in Europe how you can stop in just about any small town and find an amazing piece of history.

Spain At Last - The Drive Begins... 1
Spain At Last - The Drive Begins... 2

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