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Ronda – The town high up on the Rock

Today we drove to Ronda—one of the oldest towns in Spain. It sits high on a rock, above a ravine—360 feet deep and 210 feet across. There is a famous bridge, Puento Nuevo, over this ravine, which is an architectural marvel. The bridge, which offers incredible views of the awesome gorge below, separates the old Moorish town from the “new town” which sprang up after the Christian Reconquest of 1485. It was interesting to wander through the old town with its narrow, twisting streets winding through the white, stucco buildings, very common in the time of the Moors.

Ronda - The town high up on the Rock 1
Ronda - The town high up on the Rock 2

Ronda’s main sight to see is the first bullring ever built. The first bullfight was held here in 1785 with Pedro Romero, a native of Ronda, who is said to have killed 5,600 bulls here during his long career. There is also a very interesting museum attached to the bullring portraying the history of bullfighting.

Ronda - The town high up on the Rock 3
Ronda - The town high up on the Rock 4


The 1.5 hour drive to and from Ronda takes you along winding roads through the mountains. The drive itself provides scenic views of the mountains separating Marbella from Ronda.

A good day trip. Just beware that you and a few hundred tourists will be there at the same time.

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