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Layover in Frankfurt

Sep 24, 2010 | Europe, Our Travels | 0 comments

Our adventure begins in far away Montenegro, part of the former Yugoslavia. To get there, our flights—using frequent flyer miles, of course—take us from Phoenix to Denver to Frankfurt to Belgrade to Kotor. It is a long trip so we chose to stop over in Frankfurt for one night.

We flew from Denver direct to Frankfurt on Lufthansa Airlines, which was a very pleasant experience. Each seat, in economy, had its own entertainment system with lots of movie choices, CDs, TV programs and short clips. Two meals were served with complimentary alcoholic drinks and wine with dinner. The wine, 2 movies and 2 TV shows helped the 9 hour flight go quickly.

Connected to the Frankfurt Airport is a modern Sheraton Hotel—only a 5 minute walk from the terminal. This is the perfect hotel for doing a quick layover and I highly recommend it. We received a complimentary upgrade to the Club floor so had the added pleasure of having a delicious dinner and breakfast for free. Not to mention snacks, dessert, wine, after dinner drinks, etc.

The transportation system in Frankfurt is quite extensive and easy to use so we took a train from the hotel/airport to the Old City of Frankfurt. It took about 10 minutes and cost 7 euro roundtrip. Well worth it! In a short walk we saw lots of shops, a few churches, City Hall and the Main River. If we weren’t so tired it would have been fun to sit outside at one of the many outdoor restaurants and chat with the locals.

Layover in Frankfurt 1
Layover in Frankfurt 2
Layover in Frankfurt 3

Many travelers connect through Frankfurt onto their final destination. I would suggest a layover some time to explore the city and rest up before traveling on.