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Kotor, Montenegro

Sep 25, 2010 | Europe, Our Travels | 0 comments

You know you are heading into an old city when the taxi driver drops you off on the street outside the gates of the city, points towards the archway and says “that way”. No cars are allowed in this 12th to 14th century well preserved city in Montenegro, (formerly Yugoslavia), a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kotor, Montenegro 1Dragging our suitcases across the stone roads and pathways, we arrived at our destination, the Hotel Vardar, located in the middle of the Old Town. This lovely hotel is easy walking to the churches, narrow streets and all that a medieval city offers.
The entire city is encircled by walls that are 3 miles long and 65 feet high and sits in the shadow of rocky Mount Lovcen. It really is a beautiful old city.

Kotor, Montenegro 2


The best part of Kotor is the Bay of Kotor. This body of water extends for miles, surrounded by mountains on all sides and small towns perched on the edges, before merging into the Adriatic Sea. It is a unique natural phenomenon offering fantastic scenery and vistas.

Kotor, Montenegro 3
Kotor, Montenegro 4


The best approach to Kotor is via water. The Azamara Journey cruise ship had just arrived from Italy and was docked in the Bay, heading north to Croatia next. (Call me for information on this cruise :-))

Kotor, Montenegro 5
Kotor, Montenegro 6


This would be a spectacular way to see the coastline of Montenegro and Croatia unless you would rather charter your own yacht like one of the many parked in the Kotor harbor.