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Denia Marriott’s La Sella Golf Resort & Spa – Golf Anyone?

Denia is located 290 miles south of Barcelona. The closest major city with an airport is Valencia. We finally arrived at the Marriott just as dark was settling. This large hotel, about 15 minutes from Denia, is ideal if you want to combine golfing or relaxing at a spa with sightseeing. The sea is 5 miles away so there are no water views or beach at the resort itself. Upon check-in they offered us a welcome drink of either orange juice or champagne. This was a nice touch after our long drive—needless to say we chose the champagne.

Denia Marriott's La Sella Golf Resort & Spa - Golf Anyone? 1
Our room was large by European and even North American standards, overlooking the inviting pool area and challenging golf course. There was a Diners Club golf tournament in progress during our one night stay so we were unable to get too close to the course but it looked well-maintained with narrow tree-lined fairways and fantastic views of the hillsides in the near distance.We had a healthy breakfast buffet in the morning which was up to Marriott’s usual standards. The restaurant has an outdoor seating area overlooking the pool and golf course, perfect for meals in this warm climate.

Denia Marriott's La Sella Golf Resort & Spa - Golf Anyone? 2
Denia Marriott's La Sella Golf Resort & Spa - Golf Anyone? 3


If you are looking for a few days respite from touring the coast, this would be a perfect location just to chill, play golf and have a massage.

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