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South America

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Galápagos, Ecuador

This majestic archipelago of volcanic islands, 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, may be the world’s best place to see wildlife. Thanks to their isolated geography, the islands are home to hundreds of bird and animal species that don’t exist anywhere else (no wonder it so fascinated Charles Darwin!). Visitors may catch a glimpse of the Galápagos tortoise, the Galápagos sea lion, the blue-footed booby, the marine iguana and tropical penguins, to name a few.

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San Miguel Mexico


This region covers the southern tip of South America, including parts of Argentina and Chile, separated by the Andes Mountains. It’s a place of wild and rugged beauty, with untouched glacial fjords, rainforests, deserts, grasslands and steppes, where herds of fuzzy guanacos (the local llama species) graze. See it on a trekking tour or small-ship cruise of the coastline.

Mendoza, Argentina

If you’ve ever wondered where your favorite Argentinian Malbec comes from, this is the destination for you! Make your base in this laidback city at the foot of the Andes and venture out the vine-covered hills to hike, taste and marvel. The city itself offers plenty to captivate, too, with its tree-lined streets, bustling cafes, airy plazas and charming bodegas where the wine never stops flowing.

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